As a gift from me to you, here are some simple but powerful practices to support you on your path of Well Being and healing. Including video tutorials and audio meditations. Such as Conscious breathing, how to begin to ‘feel to heal’ and nurturing your limited beliefs into remembering the loved unlimitedness you truly are.

A powerful daily practice is setting our intentions for the day. Inviting in the way we wish to experience our daily lives.

For example ‘Today may I live in fulfilment and love and for the greater good of all’ You can alter your daily intentions to whatever feels the most heartfelt. Enjoy

Video & Audio Resources

VIDEO 1: In this video I explain why I do what I do. How the last 18 years of living and breathing a path of wellbeing has taken me on a fascinating journey of personal growth, alignment, liberation and self discovery. 

VIDEO 2: In this video, I gently show you how to begin to ‘feel to heal’ our emotions.  Giving you the understanding behind the true nature of our emotions – not to hurt or punish us but to lovingly guide us to truth and our open heart centred, loving wise consciousness.

VIDEO 3: In this video I talk about expansive wellbeing, self awareness and how to nurture those limited parts of us that are just looking for love and acceptance. I show you how to learn to care and nurture yourself. 

VIDEO 4: Conscious, nasal breathing is a very simple, yet astoundingly powerful tool for returning to the space of deeper Self awareness and heart centred consciousness that lies beneath our limiting thoughts and painful emotions. It puts us back into Parasympathetic Nervous System – our natural state of rest and relaxation. From here, we can feel and truly give ourselves what we need to heal.

Guided Meditation

Emotional Enhancement Meditation & Guidance Notes…

This is guided meditation is designed to support your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. It affects brain plasticity and positively enhances your brain waves – 

Alpha – Creativity, compassion, Insight, forgiveness and love. Theta – Intuition and insight. Delta – Creating and altering reality.

It is best done first thing in the morning, but can be done throughout the day. Close your eyes. Breath in and out slowly through your nose. Centre and ground  your awareness/attention in your body. Beautiful. With appreciation to Vishen Lakhiani.

Click HERE for the full meditation guidance notes.

Inspired by Nature Meditation

This Lucid Therapies guided audio meditation was recorded at Calke Abbey, Derbyshire, with guest Expert – Jess our dog. Especially for the Inspired By Nature World Summit, July 2018.

This meditation will help you connect to the peaceful, authentic nature of your own soul. The natural sounds and deeper Source energy of the beautiful woodland can be heard and felt, as you deliciously align and surrender to the loving and liberating light of your true nature. 

With Love and Blessings Amanda xx