Treatment Courses & Support

Find out more about my approach, how I work, courses and prices and value packages I offer. I am passionate about expanding awareness and wellbeing ~ I am constantly learning and growing on a personal and professional level. I feel as human beings, this is a beautiful aspect to our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health and well being.

I offer a variety of professional, leading edge treatments, provided in a way that is tailored to the unique individual that you are.

I love and am blessed to work and connect with all ages ~ children and adults. I sensitively care, guide and support you to a profound yet simple understanding and clarity of just how powerfully and compassionately you are able to move through underlying fear based, negative thoughts, feelings, behaviours and symptoms. Allowing you to be on your path of rediscovery, remembering and Self recognition. Returning to a YOU who knows how, on a daily basis, to live, peacefully, grounded and rooted in your experience.

• WELL-BEING: Understanding your conscious/unconscious thoughts/beliefs/emotions to create more clarity, calm and peace. Teaching you greater Self-awareness, acceptance, love, empowered knowledge and useable skills.

• PRESENCE: Gifting you a greater sense of freedom, lightness, energy and rejuvination ~ enabling you to connect in the moment to a deeper, more present, YOU by opening you up to greater possibilities, potentials, and positive outcomes .

• TRANSFORMATION: Assisting you to create a life and make choices that feel good and lead to a sense of fulfillment, wholeness, resilience, and greater life satisfaction.

Different Ways to Work With Me

Therapy sessions are available via Distance, or In Person Treatments.

Experience the session from the comfort of your own home via Zoom, WhatsApp Video or Telephone. More than 80% of my clients choose this style. Wonderful for National and International Clients. Saves travel time if you are more local. Wonderful for relaxing at home to integrate/absorb the session straight away.

I also offer in person treatments for local clients in Derbyshire, or those willing to travel to work with me.

Holistic Sessions & Treatment Courses

Bronze Session

A one hour holistic treatment session with me.

This includes a 1 hour individual consultation and one-to-one healing session with me.






Silver Course

A course of 4 hourly sessions.

This also includes:

10 minute support phone call in between each session.

A personal recording of each session. This is a wonderfully powerful way to continue the absorption, integration and understanding of each session at your own pace.

A one hour Lucid Therapy  ‘Emotional Freedom’ Guided Meditation

£160 (£40 an hour)

Gold Course

A course of 8 hourly sessions.

This includes all the extras of the SILVER treatment course, plus the following:

An entirely bespoke, guided meditation designed and recorded, especially for you. Written and personalised for and about YOU, as the precious and unique individual that you are, to help support you with continuous empowerment, growth and healing.

£280 (£35 an hour)


Teaching Meditation 

I run local Meditation Circles – first meeting free then £5 per meeting.

I also offer one to one Meditation sessions – for beginners to more advanced – a free 15 minute taster session then £30 for 50mins.


Please contact me to enquire. I’d be more than happy to answer whatever questions and enquires you may have.