About Amanda...

A life long love for animals, nature, spirituality, wellbeing, science and travel lead me to an early career as a qualified Veterinary Nurse. I went on to teach and lecture, and later became an examiner for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. My love and joy of nature, well being and spirituality grew from an intuitive deeper connection with all dimensions of life. Realising my true nature as a Highly Sensitive Being, this naturally called me to the intuitive spiritual and holistic healing work I’ve now been doing for the last 21 years. 

Jumping for Joy by the Indian Ocean

As a Natural Highly Sensitive Being (HSB)… 

…I am keenly attuned to subtle energy, including the loving, wise, kind, helpful often quite humorous un-manifested energies that surround, support and guide us. 

In 2000 I decided to embark on a deeply personal journey of discovery and enlightenment to remember and reconnect in a new, more consciously aware way and reveal who I really am by exploring my true identity, on all levels, mind, body and spirit.

I am still on that journey and truly savour every moment of every day of my life. All experiences shape us and from loss of my Father/best friend when I was 11 years old, and mental illness being a plague of my relatives, to the loss of my husband and father of my children James aged 40 – mixed with a scattering of testing life challenges along the way. 

From each and every one of these experiences ~ I say thank you for the deeper blessings of strength, courage, faith, knowledge and truth that life has gifted to me.

I have spent many years being passionately committed and dedicated to personal and professional wellbeing on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. I practice everything I teach and through my own experiences and therapy/teaching sessions, I continue to learn and grow every day.

Experiencing a freedom and liberation I never thought was possible; I am excited and appreciative of everything life gives me, understanding that on a deeper level, all happens for the benefit and growth of myself, trusting in the intelligence of my alert, conscious, loving, aware Presence and the greater wisdom of the creative life force.

On top of the world - Snowdon

Something Personal…

I live in Derbyshire with my soul buddies and greatest teachers – my beautiful two children Ashleigh & Alex, our wonderful teddy bear dog, Jessie and our eccentric cat – Puzzle.

I love walking through trees, woodlands and fields on a daily basis with Jessie, our canine family member. At weekends and holidays with Ashleigh and Alex – time to catch up, share, laugh and refresh in nature and the great outdoors together. 

Once a year, in our flowery camper van, we go to Cambridge Folk Festival, Underneath the Stars Festival (Kate Rusby- voice of a Lancashire angel) and Latitude. A menagerie collective of friends and family, that guarantees a good time ensues. Live music has always been my favourite.

I love films and cinema too, which means everyone gathering on the sofa and getting lost in the story and adventure unfolding before us – magic. Food and cooking is a wonderful theme from my childhood. We grow vegetables in our garden, get way too excited when its strawberry picking season, hence Jam making yearly ritual of jam making. Feels incredibly magical stirring the bright red bubbling cauldron of juicy sweet fruit!

Meeting with my blessed soul friends and sharing heartfelt times together. Deep spiritual conversation with a healthy and liberal sprinkling of laughs and on occasion, a good old boogie too.

Twilight Amongst The Clouds

Travelling has been a soul yearning since I spent 7 weeks travelling around South Africa aged 20. Which only deepened my heartfelt love and connection with our wise and noble fellow Earth dwellers – Elephants. 

This experience led me to further travels, a year travelling the world with my husband. then fiance, James. The highlight was 4 months in New Zealand in a yellow camper van called Big Bertha. I met wonderful people that have indeed shaped my life. Getting to know and love, my Kiwi aunt and Uncle, who I feel became my spirit parents. 

Now, with my children, adventures are a continuous theme. Weeks travelling around the UK, at one time in our much loved camper van, Sri Lanka, Bermuda, Europe and a big adventure to the Californian coast – Maui – Hawaii – New York. 

Excited doesn’t cover it as the adventure of life continues…

Lifelong Learning...

It may sound like an over-used phrase, but we never stop learning; every day we have different experiences that we can grow and learn something new from. To do this with confidence – we have to be able to trust in being open to truly feel, see and learn. When we feel ~ we heal!

I help my clients feel safe trusting themselves to feel again so they can recognise who they truly are. I guide those I work with to make positive new choices, as well as to take practical action steps to help them learn to prioritise themselves again. I offer freedom through transformation – to embrace the courageous, brave, open, self aware, powerful, and loving self  – fully embodied – on planet Earth, with an open heart and clear mind – filled once more, with love, and faith.

I practice everything I teach and with every amazing client I work with, I too learn and grow.