DO YOU SUFFER WITH — Sugar/food Cravings? Stress  Eating? Binging? Yoyo dieting?

Fact: Sugars and fats release feel good bio chemicals in our bodies – e.g Dopamine, Seratonin and Oxytocin – arousing feelings of pleasure, reward, comfort and safety— a major factor in food addiction.

DO YOU SUFFER WITH– Anxiety? Overwhelm? Fatigue? Mood swings? Aches and Pains? IBS? Other Stress Related Chronic Degenerative Conditions?

Recent Research  shows that suppressed  emotions release Bio Chemicals called ‘IL6’ and ‘Cytokines’ causing Depression, Cellular inflammation and Degenerative Conditions. Unexpressed emotion releases Endorphins – numbs emotional pain but over time upsets glucose metabolism i.e Type II Diabetes.

ARE YOU VERY CARING of other  peoples needs and feelings — often placing them before your own? Do you struggle finding time for yourself?

ARE YOU OPEN TO — Wellbeing, Positive Energy, Mindfulness, Spirituality and Healing, alongside leading-edge Science, Psychology and Research?

DO YOU HAVE — a true desire to learn how to compassionately and actively take care of YOURSELF and your needs on a daily, self-accountable basis, In Achievable, Enjoyable and Rewarding ways?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions then my next course could be for you. Click here to for more details.

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