Therapies & Techniques

In this section I have included details about the main therapies that I use, but often I mix and match techniques and therapies to create a highly personalised service.

Clinical Hypnotherapy & Meditation Practitioner

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Guided Meditation is a wonderful tool for helping guide people to experience a deeper more loving space within themselves.

Reconnect and remember an intelligent presence within that feels liberated and safe, whole and loved, supported and not alone. In this gentle space we can hold and be with emotions and thoughts that in our everyday mind can feel too overwhelming, confusing, problematic, dangerous, painful and unsafe to feel. 

By learning how to lovingly hold our emotions not in judgement or blame, shame or rejection we can guide and nurture those hurt, scared and lost parts of ourselves back into the reality and daily experience of who we really are. 

Reassuring and lovingly listening to those aspects of ourselves that just want to heard, included, care for and loved, appreciated, valued, and reassured.

Mind & Life Coach Practitioner

By showing people how to harness our amazing minds with conscious aware thoughts, we can utilise and bring into being our true unique potential.

By using various, leading-edge methods, which are so simple to use, we can literally change our brain’s plasticity, subconscious minds and waves.

Living through choice and consciously from the higher centres of our brain opens up solutions, ideas, potential, visionary, wise, inclusive and loving.

Alpha Waves: for creativity, compassion, insight and wisdom, forgiveness and love – of self and others.

Theta Waves: flashes and sparks of creativity and intuition

Delta Waves: ability to alter our reality to see a life that feels wonderful and powerful to create and bring into our physical experience.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

By using gentle non-invasive tapping on the energy meridians and acupuncture points of our bodies, EFT has been shown to free energy and old emotions from our bodies. 

EFT powerfully allows us to revisit old thoughts, behaviours and subconscious conditioning in a way that feels safe. MRI scans have shown that whilst tapping, it calms down and eases the Amydala – the fight flight response part of our reptilian limbic brain and the stress response in our bodies. Tests done after tapping have shown significant reductions in stress and the level of emotional pain we feel. By giving our level of pain a number out of 10 before tapping, we can intuitively monitor and register the relief we encounter, allowing us to safely revisit and heal fearful responses to old experiences or memories. 

Tapping is wonderful at releasing physical pain and balancing and harmonising the systems of our bodies, especially nervous and hormonal. By following a simple routine and using specific phrases EFT is a gentle, yet powerful tool I can teach you to incorporated into your daily practice as source of comfort, relief and healing.

Reiki Master & Practitioner

As a Reiki Master and Practitioner, I am beautifully aware of the deeper energies that are flowing within and around us.

By harnessing and tapping into the universal, Intelligent, loving, wellbeing, creative energy we can allow old stuck emotions, that are held in our cellular spaces and memories, to transform and return to flowing, life-giving energies again. This can then support our bodies in a much healthier manner.

Whenever I am working with someone, either face-to-face or remotely, this energy is always being consciously felt, heard and directed to where it is needed.


Energy Meridians Practitioner

By intuitively reading and feeling into a person’s energy systems of the body, we can sense and feel what is ready to be powerfully and lovingly shifted and returned to life-giving energy. 

There are many energy pathways throughout our body, connecting every cell, tissue, organ and system. When we release old energy, unheard or repressed emotions, it clears from the physical facia that holds our muscles and tissues in place. 

This can feel like a loosening of joints and an increased ease in body movement and motion. Liberating the spaces within our bodies to feel more open and lighter. This can also have a powerful effect on how we think, feel and experience ourselves and the world.

Qualified Reflexologist

Reflexology is an ancient Chinese method of maintaining health and well being that’s been practised for thousands of years. 

It works on the principle that all organs and systems are related to a specific point on the feet or hands. If that particular part of the body is healthy and in optimum working order, the life force energy will flow freely between the pressure point on the foot and the organ. 

The reflexologist can detect but not diagnose any energy blocks or areas of ill health. By gently manipulating the pressure points any blockages and disruption of life force energy flow can be eased back into movement and full health flow once more. Regular treatments can be incredibly soothing, relaxing, healing and stimulating for our bodies, including our mental and emotional wellbeing. This is a wonderful way to nurture and care for yourself.