Are you open to wellbeing, positive energy, mindfulness, spirituality and healing, together with  leading-edge science, psychology and research? Do you have a true desire to learn how to compassionately and actively take care of yourself and your needs on a daily, self accountable basis in achievable, enjoyable and rewarding ways?

With professional sensitive guidance, care and support, I guide you to understand, resolve and release underlying factors in behaviours, habits and symptoms which feel fearful and painful, and are no longer serving you.

I support my clients on their path of rediscovery, remembering, and self awareness as they learn to embrace their True Self. My approach enables clients to experience clarity, calm, and peace by learning to bring awareness and acceptance to their conscious and unconscious, thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

Working together we can achieve:

Self awareness ~ acceptance, love, empowered knowledge and useable skills.

Freedom ~ lightness, energy and liberation so you can connect in the moment to a deeper and more present you.

Fullfillment ~ wholeness, resilliance and satisfacrion that’s not centered in food or stuffing down emotion.

Potential ~ living solutions and positive outcomes.

Appreciation ~ creating life changes that feel really good to you!

Did you know that the underlying cause of many chronic degenerative conditions, such as type two diabetes, and auto-immune conditions are unresolved, suppressed and buried thoughts and emotions?

Learn to connect with your True Self ~ the still, quiet, calm Presence underlying all surface thoughts, emotions, outward life events, stories and situations.

There Is Another Way


The pain and suffering of conscious and unconscious thoughts and emotions affects us on all levels: mentally, emotionally physically and spiritually, which is why I adapt each session according to the individual I’m working with. Both professionally and intuitively, skills, knowledge and years of experience all play an integral role during our time together.

The most important aspect is showing awareness, enabling the person I am working with, to actually experience a deeper connection with themselves in a very easy and achievable way, that enables them to feel safe and confident to look with kindness and openness, at all levels within themselves.

A Bridge to Truth

I assist my clients to embrace how they’re feeling and what they’re thinking, consciously and unconsciously.

I help liberate them from old, conditioned fear based aspects of themselves, without judgement or resistance. I teach them to feel whatever emotion presents itself — trusting that they are more than their thoughts, and that all painful emotions just need to be met with love and truth.

Any thought that is not your truth will not feel good — “I am not good enough” and so on, because to the soul, an untruth does not feel good. Thank goodness our hearts and souls will clang the alarm bell, warning us of negative fearful thoughts to get our attention to correct our thinking. Just like when we cut ourselves — it hurts so that we can give something our attention and take care of ourselves.

The truthful version of ‘I am not good enough’ is ‘I am good and worthy. I am here to learn and grow how to be a loving, amazing spirit, living a human experience. Mistakes help us deepen, expand and grow, they are not saying I we are bad, they are simply calling for correction at the level of thought to make a positive change in our mindset, and move forwards with greater knowing and wisdom.

Moving from Fear to Love

When we live in chronic anxiety, stress and fear we are disconnected and unaware of our true and inherent selves and nature.

We are born with a huge capacity and desire for Freedom, Joy, Fun, Love, Expression, Creativity, Connection, Safety and Trust in ourselves and Life, Growth and Expansion, Wisdom, Intuition and Potential. Our bodies and true selves always know and remember this. However our thoughts are very powerful and conditioned/separated survival based thoughts and false selves, can lead us away from the truth of who and what we really are. Living in fluctuating chronic/acute fear and stress.

Feeling Stressed?

The Stress response is triggered in the limbic brain, the Amygdala.


It cannot differentiate between between an imagined danger/threat e.g running from a burning building or an imagined/thought fear e.g imagining/remembering an event that happened or might e.g the upset of speaking in front of your class in junior school and people laughed at you – anxiety of social outcast/rejection or worry about possibly loosing your partner at some point in the future – fear of rejection, abandonment, social inferiority, reduction in income.


So most threats these days are in our minds, but the stress pathway is still triggered. 


Also any habitual emotions and thoughts that are connected to the fearful thought will be released eg I have to give a public speech – imagining the event will trigger the pathway of conscious and often unconscious thoughts and emotions connected to it. Suddenly you feel stressed and panicked without even consciously remembering the talk you gave when you were 7 years old.


Bringing it all to Light

95% of our automatic behaviours are unconscious!

However – our emotions will always tell us our truth!


How we are feeling in that moment, whether you’re relaxed, calm and enjoying life; warm, light and easy open mind or worried and fearful, heavy, woolly-minded, obsessive thoughts, blocked. Our emotions are always trying to guide us to where we are living from in that moment, our friend and not our foe as most of us think. It’s knowing how to lovingly and kindly hold the space for our emotions – rather than fear, block, suppress, or repress – our emotions.


It’s understandable to be scared of painful emotion when you don’t know how to work with them rather than fearing fixing them and seeing them as a difficult and painful problem.


The Stress response is to protect and defend ourselves physically – the Sympathetic Nervous Control. Sending blood and energy to muscles for movement, legs and arms and reducing blood supply energy to parts of the body that can aren’t needed for physical strength i.e digestion, liver, reproductive organs, frontal cortex/problem solving intelligent brain, urinary system and skin. Because of this we are only meant to use the Sympathetic/stress response for very short spells and infrequently. We are designed to live in Parasympathetic Nervous control – our rest, recuperate and recovery state. Blood and energy flows freely throughout our bodies. Balance, harmony and systemic well being is our pre set set normal.


We are programmed for health.

Even our DNA can be switched on and off

according to our thoughts and feelings.

You Are Powerful Beyond Measure

We are more incredibly powerful than we realise.

Dr Brian Lipton proved the importance of our environment and how we think/feel massively has an effect on our genes. A huge leap in wellbeing and medicine! However as we often totally identify with just our physical/mental self – forgetting our deeper spiritual selves – any threat to our sense of Egoic self and social safety will trigger it also.

Living in fluctuating/acute stress/Sympathetic control long term in incredibly damaging to our physical, mental and emotional health. Digestive – IBS/Leaky gut, skin – rashes/exzema, sugar control/balance – cellular insulin resistance -diabetes type II, reproduction – infertility, painful periods, brain – dementia, endocrine/hormones – adrenal fatigue – unable to cope with small levels of stress, – to name but a few!

The Stress response therefore is to either run away – Flight, defend ourselves – FIGHT/AGGRESSION)passive or obvious or Fright – Freeze so we cannot move – hopefully the outward threat won’t notice us. We are normally a mixture of all three but personalities and experiences will tend we tend to favour one more than the others.


Sweet Sensations

Sugar causes a release of feel good bio chemicals in our bodies ~ dopamine, seratonin, and oxytocin. Eliciting feeling of safety, comfort, pleasure, enjoyment and reward. When we are living in fear and the opposite of our true nature of joy, trust and pleasure we rely on sugar to elicit biologically manufactured positive feelings.


Also these unresolved, unexpressed, buried, blocked and denied emotions – such as shame, guilt and unexpressed anger, cause our bodies to receive the message that it is not to feel them. So it again releases Endorphins to numb this emotional pain – but over time, these Endorphins disrupt glucose metabolism – leading to cellular Insulin resistance, Cellular inflammation/starvation e.g Type II Diabetes. Also these held negative emotions in our bodies triggers the release of Immune cells – Cytokines and ‘IL 6’ which further cause cellular inflammation and depression. Which further eczema an ever decreasing circle of fear, confusion despair and feelings of there being a problem that you don;t know how to fix.


These emotional and mental issues indeed can’t be fixed from a place of fear and problems. 


It requires a deeper awareness and understanding – something that already exists in you now. Its just knowing how to remember to live in and from, with joyful daily awareness that place within that wants to rise up and shine in and through your daily life and experiences.

Everyday Wellness


Here is a daily practice to make your wellbeing a daily practice so you can bring heart centred pleasure, joy and fulfilment into life.

Three simple steps that reconnects us to our true nature of pleasure, enjoyment, contentment, comfort, creativity, imagination, self love and acceptance – without the need for eating sugar or any other addictive behaviour, to chemically create these feelings. Begin by taking deep, conscious breaths through the nose, breath out, continue to breath slowly. Feeling yourself in your body – aware.


Remember a time when you did something that you were very proud of. It can be big or little, but make sure it is something you felt really proud of.

Perhaps you overcame a difficulty by being brave and working through it; did something you always wanted to do – took a dance class, went travelling, wrote a book and published it, knitted a scarf, recognise a talent or gift that you have e.g make amazing pancakes or have a smile that lights up a room.

Remember and feel the pleasure within yourself of your personal success and achievement.


Think of something you appreciate. Often it’s the little everyday things, not the big things.

Remember to breathe in and out through your nose and feel the warmth in your heart of gratitude and appreciation e.g the light and beauty in someones smile and face, the smell of the air on a warm spring evening, lying in a hot bath, feeling the warmth soaking into skin and soul, a moment to take a breath and look around you.

See your surroundings in visit detail. Feels the lovely soft chair, the warm blanket with pretty colours on it that your best friend gave you etc. Make sure you don’t just think the appreciative thought, but that you can really FEEL them.


Dream ~ think of something that has not yet happened, but you would like to experience.

Be sure it’s something that fills your heart with a feeling of positive anticipation and great potential. Be sure to imagine it, as if its happening NOW. Feel all the sensations fully, the colours, joy, smells, sounds and what having this dream feels like. Really enjoy savour and cherish it. Just be sure you don’t get lost in thoughts such as ‘it hasn’t happened and might not, happen, I don’t deserve it etc’. And do not think about the dream too much as a replacement for something you should be doing. Just enjoy this dream or idea ~ the feeling in your chest and the thrill of anticipation.


Say the following affirmation:

“With my spirit I now focus Divine love through my system and give thanks for this coming into my life in the best possible way, for my highest good and outcome, and for all those involved -according to the Creators will.”

From Confusion to Clarity

My work is guiding you to feel feel Light, creative, Liberated, Wise, Intelligent(deeper than academic intelligence), trusting and personally empowered to take the invitation that life is presenting you with – to grow, evolve, wake up and remember all that you truly are – Loving, Safe, Powerful, Joyful, trusting in yourself and Life/Universe.

To Wake up, Aware, Remembering and connecting with the deep knowing and experiencing that you are all those things and MORE – NOW!! !

Beneath the pain and suffering of fear and need, unawareness, being asleep, lack of understanding and confusion about our thoughts and emotions, disconnection from all of ourselves and the world on all levels there is a knowing within us all of how to use this pain and suffering to truly liberate ourselves.

Understanding and working with the mind blowing genius and simplicity of what our thoughts and emotions are and how/why they cause our pain and suffering. Learning how to see, meet, feel and hold the suffering with loving acceptance rather than fear, judgment and resistance.

This allows us to focus our experience daily in awareness and from our true deeper, loving, free, wise, strong, peaceful, still, spacious, joyful, enthusiastic, passionate and creative selves. It really is time to achieve Clarity, Change and Freedom!