Daily Breathing Exercise

Here is a daily practice to bring heart centred pleasure, joy and fulfilment into life. 

Three simple steps that reconnects us to our true nature of pleasure, enjoyment, contentment, comfort, creativity, imagination, self love and acceptance – without the need for eating sugar or any other addictive behaviour, to chemically create these feelings.

Take a deep conscious breaths through the nose, breath out, continue to breath slowly. Feel yourself in your body again – aware. 

1. Remember a time when you did something that you are very proud of. It can be big or little e.g.  met a challenge and succeeded – gained a qualification you are proud of, overcame a difficulty by being brave and working through it, did something you always wanted to do the did it – took a dance class, went travelling, wrote a book and published it, knitted a scarf, recognise a talent or gift that you have e.g make amazing pancakes or have a smile that lights up a room, Remember and feel the pleasure within yourself of your personal success and achievement.

2. Think of something you truly appreciate, often it’s the little everyday things not the big things. Breath in and out through your nose and feel the warmth in your heart of gratitude and appreciation e.g the light and beauty in someones smile and face, the smell of the air on a warm spring evening, lying in a hot bath, feeling the warmth soaking into skin and soul, a moment to take a breath and look around you – see your surroundings and what feels about it, the lovely soft chair, the warm blanket with the pretty colours on it your best friend gave you etc. Make sure you don’t just think the appreciative thought, but FEEL them

3. Dream – think of something that has not happened but you would like to. Something that when you think of it – your heart fills with anticipation and it feels positive and great potential. Make sure you imagine it as if its happening NOW. Feel all the sensations fully, the colours, joy, smells, sounds and what having this dream feels like in  the having of it. Enjoy this dream and savour it, cherish it. Just make sure you don’t get lost in thoughts such as ‘ it hasn’t happened and might not happen, i don’t deserve it, good things don’t happen like that to me. 

Or think about the dream too much as a replacement or distraction but something you should be doing, thinking about or feeling. FEEL and Enjoy this dream or idea – the feeling in your chest and the thrill of anticipation.

Say this affirmation ‘With my spirit and Divine love I give thanks for this coming into my life in the best way possible for my highest good and outcome and for those involved – according to the Creators will’

My work is guiding you to feel feel Light, creative, Liberated, Wise, Intelligent(deeper than academic intelligence), trusting and personally empowered to take the invitation that life is presenting you with – to grow, evolve, wake up and remember all that you truly are – Loving, Safe, Powerful, Joyful, trusting in yourself and Life/Universe. To Wake up, Aware, Remembering and connecting with the deep knowing and experiencing that you are all those things and MORE – NOW!! !

Beneath the pain and suffering of fear and need, unawareness, being asleep, lack of understanding and confusion about our thoughts and emotions, disconnection from all of ourselves and the world on all levels there is a knowing within us all of how to use this pain and suffering to truly liberate ourselves.

Understanding and working with the mind blowing genius and simplicity of what our thoughts and emotions are and how/why they cause our pain and suffering. Learning how to see, meet, feel and hold the suffering with loving acceptance rather than fear, judgment and resistance.

This allows us to focus our experience daily in awareness and from our true deeper, loving, free, wise, strong, peaceful, still, spacious, joyful, enthusiastic, passionate and creative selves. It really is time to achieve Clarity, Change and Freedom!