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I am passionate about Expanding Awareness and WellBEING.

With Professional Leading edge, sensitive guidance, care and support – I guide you to a simple understanding and knowing in how to lovingly and powerfully resolve and release underlying factors in negative behaviours and symptoms. Allowing uou to be on your path of rediscovery,remembering, Self awareness and a returning to you who can enjoy –

  • Clarity, calm, Peace and WellBeing – Understanding your Conscious/Unconcious Thoughts/Beleifs/Emotions
  • Self – Awareness, acceptance, Love, Empowered knoledge and useable Skills
  • Freedom, Lightness, Energy and rejuveination – able to connect in the moment to a deeper, present YOU
  • Fullfillment, Wholeness, Resilliance and Satifaction
  • Living in – Potential, solutions and positive outcomes
  • Appreciating and creating a Life and Changes that feels good to you
  • Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to book an initial free 15 minute, confidential, no obligation consultation.


Individual Sessions – £50 1 hour

Course of 4 Sessions – £180

Course of 8 Sessions – £320

All include Free 1 hour Lucid Therapies meditation/teaching audio.

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[heading] | Endorsements [/heading]

I can put you in touch with a selection of clients who would be more than happy to talk with you about their experince of working with me.



[heading] Get | In Touch [/heading]

T: 01332 690688
M: 07972 800700
E: ajh@lucidtherapies.com

12 Bradmoor Grove
DE73 6QS

I offer sessions by various ways-

  1. One to one at The Lucid Therapy treatment Room
  2. Phone and/or Skype Sessions – stay in the comfort of your own home. I have found that the energy, understanding and healing of the session given in this way is in no way lessened by not being physically in the same room. In fact most of my sessions are given in this way, clients enjoying relaxing at home with no potentially stressful travelling time. They are then able to absorb the session afterwards, remaining in the space and awareness, without having to travel home. I love this about my work, allowing me to speak with connect with many wonderful people across the U.K and the world – for example America, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Germany, Dubai, France, Cyprus, Thailand, Australia and New zealand.
  3. Small group Teaching Sessions.
  4. Talks and Presentations
  5. Recordings of each private, confidential session, allowing you to listen as often as you wish. Allowing you to absorb, understand and remember the teachings and practices shared. Under Data Protection Act May 2018.


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