Conscious Breathing

A very simple, yet incredibly powerful tool for coming back into the space and alert deeper awareness and beneath thoughts and emotions is by conscious breathing.

WHY? Because you have to use the frontal cortex/higher centres of the brain that are not involved in the the pure physical survival needs, fears and preset survival programs of the Hind and Mid brain. The Primitive Amydala  – stress response centre – cannot differentiate  between an imagined/programmed threatening experience of the mind, for example if my partner leaves me i am unloved therefore rejected and not safe TING!!! and a real life actual experience, such as a huge dog chasing you and you need to physically run away from danger to safety. 

The Mid Brain – unconscious/conditioned patterns of behaviour and automatic emotionally response centre, up 95% of its underlying pattens of behaviours are fearful and negative e.g you were shouted at by a teacher and told to stop singing when you were 5 years old. You were delighting in just being you and it was playtime. She tells you crossly to stand still and be quiet as she can hear you from her classroom where she is doing work at her desk. 

You try to ask why but she shouts at you for questioning her. You then cry because  you are confused and unsure what you did wrong – but you feel wrong. She then shouts at you agin for being silly crying and to stand in the corner until you can get control of yourself and stop being a silly girl. You feel scared, unsure, embarrassed and ashamed as everyone is looking at you and thinking  you did something wrong. You learn to be ‘safe’ in the world by not feeling expressing and being who you really are and joyfully expressing that.You also feel that you are abandoning yourself at a deeper level and that your teacher abandoned and rejected who you were. Using shame and guilt, the teacher was able to control you.

So by using conscious breathing – using the higher centres of our brain/self – we come out of conditioned thoughts and emotions and enter a place of higher thinking, wisdom, love, acceptance, unlimited, solution, open awareness and connection and freedom.

Here is a short video to guide you into conscious breathing – to a place of a more alert yet deeper awareness of the more of you – peaceful, loving, wise, spacious, kind, strong, unlimited, Potential, open yet connected, trusting and safe. A YOU that inhabits your whole body, not just the mental limited concept/old story/life situations of you.