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I appreciate you being here, reading these words  and the very fact you are – suggests you are ready to take a deeper more openly, aware look at yourself and life.

Perhaps pain and suffering has led you here and/or you feel there is something more to you and life than the day to day surface events, situation and activities. A knowing that there is something deeper than the fears, needs and temporary successes of our stories. A YOU wanting to be remembered and liberated to freedom – Loving, Accepted, Safe, Wise, Unlimited Potential, Creative, joyful, peaceful, enthusiastic, connected and shining up and through YOU into your life.

I did just the same myself, which is why I am here, sharing this with you.

Perhaps you are aware that you have thoughts and emotions that don’t ‘feel’ good. Behaviours or patterns that you realise are simply not serving you anymore.

Awakening to the idea there is a deep knowing within you that there is something more than your daily activities and events. Something more within you and the world around you. A sense of longing for Peace, Calm, Space, Love and acceptance, Safety, Trust, Liberation and Freedom to be yourself and your dreams, Wisdom and Solution, Potential, Connection, Fulfilment and Satisfaction, Compassion and even Divinity.

Are you ready to have a deeper, clarifying understanding of what thoughts and emotions really are? The idea that all emotion is simply there to guide us back to the Truth of who we really, truly are. That any thoughts we consciously and unconsciously harbour that we have been taught or learnt about ourselves that are the opposite of our truth – will cause emotional pain. just like when we place our hand on a hot stove, the physical pain tells us to move away. Emotional pain is just the same mechanism – have thoughts that are fearful, unloving, unkind, disempowering, untruthful/helping, damaging, small, unintelligent, unwise – out bodies and true deeper selves – but send a signal – pain. Just like the hot coal scenario. Only this time – look, see, be aware, pay attention to any thought or idea you are currently holding, move your awareness/attention into it, feel how that thought feels with love and kindness, not judgement or fear. Allow the emotion and awareness to guide you back to the truthful version of that thought – the truth of who you really are.

Do you suffer with thoughts and feeling of suffering – mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Causing thoughts and feelings of fear, needing/craving, loss, panic, abandonment, rejection, not enough, invisibility, rage, disempowerment, despair, disconnected, ungrounded, aloneness, isolation, hiding and pretence and even desolation? It’s time to understand that who you really are is –
Love, Acceptance, Joy, Freedom, Creative, Strong, Wise, Potential, Powerful, safe, Trusting, connected and expansive. Take a moment to feel how those words felt – maybe unusual but somehow your body like them, knew them, resonated with them.
It’s time to move from being afraid of our emotions because we we were told its not safe to feel them or express them. Or just feel overwhelmed by the built up and acculimation of old and current emotion, that can feel overwhelming and anxious because we don’t understand or know how to feel and work with our emotions – past and current. learning how to be aware of ourselves, loom at our thoughts, trust and feel our emotions and how we feel in that moment – is incredibly liberating.
Understanding our Ego, our Conditioned false selves and story that mostly lives in fear and the opposite of who we truly are. How to be the mature, wise loving parent of our small egoic selves and see how it binds us to a small life and small sense of self. By connecting and being aware of our deeper, loving wise selves on a very conscious aware level – we cam lovingly and powerfully set our ego’s free. With appreciation for all it has done for us, trying to keep us safe. It has ultimately set us free though by all the suffering it now causes. Time grow and expand on a conscious level and remember the light and love that we truly are – bringing that through the darkness and pain – shining brightly into this world, with Love, Compassion, Wisdom, Creativity, Power and Expansion.

My background is from a life long love for Animals, Nature, Wellbeing and Science which lead me to a career – Qualifying in Veterinary Nursing, Teaching/Lecturing Veterinary Medicine/Animal Welfare, NVQ Assessor  level 3,4 +5, City and Guilds in Teaching 1 + 2  and Examiner for The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

However I have always had an intuitive deeper connection with life and dimensions around us and within us. Very sensitive to physical energy and the loving, wise, kind, helpful often quite humorous un-manifested energies (energies that are not physical). In 2000 I decided to embark on a deeply personal journey of discovery and enlightenment – to remember and reconnect in a new, more consciously aware way – who I was really – my true identity on all levels, mind, body and spirit. I am still on that journey and savour every moment, truly.

I have spent many years of being passionately committed and dedicated to personal and professional Wellbeing on a Mental, Emotional Physical and Spiritual level. I practice everything I teach and through my own experiences and therapy/teaching sessions – indeed continue to learn and grow every day. Experiencing a freedom and liberation I never thought was possible – excited and appreciative of everything life gives me. Understanding that on a deeper level, all happens for the benefit and growth of myself, trusting in the intelligence of my alert, conscious, loving aware presence and the greater wisdom of Creative Life.

Reiki  Practitioner / Master

Energy Meridians Practitioner,

Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma and Practitioner

Mind+Life Coach Diploma Practitioner

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner,

NPL Diploma,


Diploma in Health Sciences

City and Guilds in Teaching Level 1+2

NVQ Certificates/Assessor Awards Level 3, 4 + 5

Disclosure check up to date.

I have a deep passionate desire to guide and show others who they truly are and how to empower themselves through knowledge, clarity, understanding, awareness and self responsibility to a life of true, loving, joyful, peaceful, freedom and creativity NOW.






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